Wedding menu


Wedding menu 2024

Menu – 55,00 €

Montenegrin appetizer (Njegusi prosciutto, dried beef sirloin, fresh cheese, Njegushi cheese, kaymak, olives)
Veal broth
Penne with beef steak, porcini mushrooms and white truffles

Baked lamb and veal with baked potatoes and mixed seasonal salad

Menu – 65,00 €

Perast appetizer (fish pate, anchovies, octopus’ salad, squid salad)
Fish soup
Homemade gnocchi stuffed with prawns in shrimp sauce

Seabass fillet and monkfish medallions in truffle sauce with mashed broccoli

Menu – 70,00 €

Premium Montenegrin appetizer (homemade prosciutto from Grahovo, beefsteak carpaccio, Dried goat cheese, Oil-cured cheese, homemade kaymak, olives)
Veal broth
Penne with truffles and champignons

Veal fillet medallions with mushrooms, mashed potatoes and vegetables on butter

Menu – 80,00 €

Premium Perast appetizer (fish carpaccio, octopus’ salad, marinated tuna, fish pate, anchovies)
Cream soup with prawns and dried porcini mushrooms
Seafood risotto and Black risotto with cuttlefish
Grilled octopus, prawns on skewer, seabass fillet, grilled vegetables

 Vegetarian Menu – 50,00 €

Conte salad (lettuce, arugula, scallion, almonds, tomatoes, goat cheese)
Vegetables potage
Zucchini and eggplant stuffed with three kinds of cheese in Provencal sauce Penne with truffles and mushrooms

Chef’s special menu – 109,00 €

Octopus salad, fish carpaccio, prawn tartare, crudo scampi

Gratinated scallops with parmesan and cherry tomato

Spaghetti enriched with cuttlefish with shells and shrimp

Traditional brodetto with polenta

Monkfish medallions in truffle sauce with mashed boccoli

Traditional beefsteak in home-made olive oil with baked patatoes and grilled vegatables 

We can create a new, tailor-made MENU for you. Also, family or buffet style option is available on request.


Bruschetta and canapes

3.5€ per piece

lettuce, tomatoes, olive oil

3.5€ per piece

tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, olive oil

4€ per piece

tomatoes, Njegushi cheese, Njegushi prosciutto

Canape with kaymak and prosciutto
4€ per piece
5€ per piece

beef steak Carpaccio, dry goat cheese, lettuce

Tuna finger
5€ per piece

grilled tuna with sesame and soy sauce

Canape with fish pate and prawns
5.5€ per piece
Canape with fish Carpaccio and octopus salad
5.5€ per piece